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Warcraft – a movie review

Warcraft the movieIf you are a fantasy/action adventure fan, this movie is probably on your radar, but if you haven’t played the game, would you enjoy it?

Having played World of Warcraft for the last nine years, this movie was like a game bonus. I loved seeing places my characters play and quest in. I loved the griffins, enjoyed the cities. Even learned I’ve been mis-pronouncing the name of one city all these years.

Was there CGI? Of course. I don’t know how they could have done it otherwise. Was it always the best… well, no. But if you truly immersed yourself into the story as I did, I barely even noticed. I give the movie 5 stars, not because it was so Epic that I will watch it again and again on DVD (though I will definitely add it to my collection), but because for me, a gamer, it was bringing a game I love out into the big, bad regular world. And I loved it. I loved the characters (some of which I recognized from the game), the history (dating back to it’s Warcraft days, before it became World of Warcraft), and the concept, which is the whole reason I play the game to begin with.

I know many of my friends play Horde characters, while I mainly stay on the Alliance side. Can’t help it. Always did like to be on the “good guy” side. This movie is great for both though. So… if you don’t play the game, go see it anyway and have some popcorn and don’t worry if you don’t get all the references. It’s still a great fantasy popcorn flick.  If you DO play… well… you should definitely be out there supporting it. I hear they intend to make more where this one left off. I, for one, would like to see them.

Feel free to comment on what you thought of the film.  🙂

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