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Spiderman – movie review

When my husband originally told me they were coming out with a new Spiderman movie, my reaction was to groan and say… you can see that one without me dear. I was Spiderman’d out. I couldn’t imagine they could come up with anything remotely worth the price of a movie ticket.

Then I saw Captain America – Civil War and I hate to say it… but Spiderman stole the show. Tom Holland brought a new and light-hearted approach to the role I just couldn’t resist. He embraced the campy good-natured feel Marvel has been cultivating and was a perfect fit.

What I’m most grateful for in this incarnation of the franchise is that they didn’t tell the old uncle Ben story again. Instead, they spend more time on Peter Parker himself and the tie in with Tony Stark and Stark Industries was brilliant. The perfect cover for a teenage boy is an internship with a mega company… even when they’re pretty much ignoring him too.

For me the focus of this movie was on the “villain” The Vulture. I love that it starts off, not with Spiderman, but with what caused this man to become the villain. I’ve long been a fan of Michael Keaton. Even his more…quirky….roles. He really stole the show on this one though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him better. He’s not evil, per se. He’s not crazy or enhanced or maniacal. He’s just an ordinary guy pushed too far by a government who doesn’t give a shit about the little guy.

This movie had me riveted from beginning to end. Unlike some of Marvel’s films, there wasn’t time for my mind to wander. The action was breathtaking. The humor always on the mark. There was a surprise towards the end that I didn’t see coming (though my husband swears he called it). All in all, I’d give it 5 stars.

Oh… and stay for not one… but two scenes during the credits.



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