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Seekers – A Book Review

Title: Seekers – The Quest Begins

Author: Erin Hunter

Genre: Young Adult/ Middle Grade

Occasionally, I enjoy reading Young Adult books. There’s a purity or maybe a simplicity to them, I don’t always get in adult fiction. Seekers – The Quest Begins is the 1st in a three part series, recommended to me by a friend. It is a story about three bear cubs who, for different reasons, find themselves alone in the big world, trying to survive.

One is a young female polar bear named Kallik; one a young male grizzly cub named Toklo; and a female black bear cub called Lusa.

Have you ever watched a Disney or Pixar cartoon? They almost always start out with some heart-breaking tragedy that makes you ball your eyes out, so you can share in the ultimate triumph as the main character goes on to do great things. This first book is no different. My emotions felt like they were being beaten and hammered for the first half of this story.

All three bear cubs travel towards the Northern lights, each for different reasons. Just when you get used to all your main characters being bears, they throw in a shape-shifter just to make things more interesting. I won’t include any spoilers, but it doesn’t diminish the storyline and the author handles the side plot very well.

What I like most about the storyline (for book one) is the way the author describes things from a bear’s point of view. The imagery is vivid and unique. How would you describe a car to someone who’d never seen one? A Firebeast, of course. What about humans? Flat-faces. Guns? Fire sticks. Trees that contain honey? The buzzing tree.  Be careful of that last one though… it stings!

A thoroughly enjoyable read, no matter what age you are. I highly recommend this book. I give it a rare five stars!

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