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Review of Remembering Lauren by Terry’s Thoughts

Back in September, my debut novel Remembering Lauren was reviewed by Terry’s Thoughts book review blog and came away with 5 stars! Terry is a retired teacher who is not only an avid reader, but an author herself. She reviews a variety of genres, so if you’re looking for a good read, but aren’t sure what to pick up next, check out her list. Her reviews are in depth and honest. To read her full review of Remembering Lauren click here.

MJordan_ebookcoverReview Excerpt:

“What a thrilling read!

Misha Jordan has written a wonderful mystery/thriller! (In my humble opinion) You must have guessed that I liked the book a lot by my five star rating. (I don’t give five stars very often)

This novel is one that will be enjoyed by people who like a good mystery. Right from the very beginning when we find out that Lauren Weston’s disappearance has gone unsolved for seven years we know that Nikki is going to find out what happened. The author has us wanting her to succeed because we feel awful for all of the injustices Nikki has had to bear in her life. We like her too. She is a sweet, kind hearted young woman. She may be a little naive or delusional at times, but that just adds to her charm.”

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