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New Review of Remembering Lauren by Review My World Blog

Review My World Blog reviewed Remembering Lauren today and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s a brief excerpt from the review. To read the full review, please click on the above link.  Theresa Call has an interest in all things gizmo, gadget, book, or movie related and if you are interested in having her do a review of your product, the how-to details are listed under the “About” section.MJordan_ebookcover

Review Excerpt:

“I recently got the chance to read the ebook of “Remembering Lauren” by Misha Jordan. I got the chance from this book to be able to revisit a place I have not been in a very long time. I am originally from Florida. In Florida, there were a lot of cold case murders that went unsolved.

I loved this book, because I was able to relate with Nikki, who is the main character. She moved from a busy city, because of bad events that had happened in her own life. She went to a small town, where she learns that creature comforts are not available, like public transportation and easy to find rentals. I found many of these same challenges when I moved from Florida to North Carolina.”


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