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How I Traumatized Some Poor IT Support Person

I always thought writing a book would be the hard part. Sure it was challenging and it took seven months to write, edit, send out to my beta readers and begin final revisions. But the real challenge has been learning the business side of being an author.

Before your book ever makes it to publication, you have to establish a presence on social media. This is what every author I know told me when I happily announced to the writing community that I had finished my book.

Establishing my Facebook author page was easy. I was already an avid Facebook user, so adding a page where I could talk ad nauseum about writing was a joy to create. I had a little more trouble creating an Instagram Author Account, since I’d never used the program and didn’t really understand how it was different from Facebook. It seemed a little repetitive, but my teenager reminded me that not everyone uses the same social media. While some of my readers would use Facebook, others used Instagram or Twitter, etc.

Then came the big guns. Building this website. This is a huge learning curve for me. The whole idea of setting up a website baffled me. I bought my domain name through one site, but then hosted through another. YouTube was my lifeline in creating my first page. I hope to make it better in the coming months, but believe it or not, this basic page took hours upon hours where I not only tested my husband’s (seemingly endless) patience, but truly taxed that of the hosting IT support I called in a panic.

Whether my website is a success or not, I have to give a shout out to the IT Support at BlueHost. I can honestly highly recommend them, if for no other reason than how I was treated in the middle of a meltdown by the most understanding and patient person I’ve ever spoken to at the end of a customer support line. I can only imagine how many times he had to cover his mouthpiece and say “Are you kidding me?”. I pictured him counting to a hundred many times in his head during our conversation. He went above and beyond, even emailing me detailed instructions on my issue in case I got stuck after we ended the call.

I wish I had gotten his name and could somehow send him chocolate or maybe some hard liquor. He earned it.

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