Girl’s Night Out and Painting with a Twist

Girl’s Night Out and Painting with a Twist


In the beginning

Life can be stressful. Balancing work, family, writing and maintaining friendships can make anyone long for time to relax. Since my free time is somewhat limited, I try to combine activities whenever possible. I hadn’t really had a girl’s night in about six months, so I was looking for something creative and fun that would appeal to my girlfriends and give me a creative outlet that was a break from all the editing I’ve been doing  on my sequel, A Deadly Lesson, the last couple of months.

First thing we had to do was choose a painting from our local Tallahassee branch schedule that would appeal to all of us and work with four very different work schedules. We ended up choosing the Sunset painting on a Wednesday night which also had the benefit of breaking up the work week as well.

Around the halfway point


The thing I love most about this company is how regardless of your painting experience, they make each painting feel simple and fun. The pace is relatively mellow, allowing for the occasional sip from whichever beverage you chose to bring. Yes, that’s right ladies… bring in that wine bottle, the rum you’ve been saving for a special occasion or just a couple bottles of your favorite brew. Just don’t mistake your glass for your paint cleaner!!!

Note: for those who don’t drink, you can bring in non-alcoholic beverages and snacks as well. I actually watched one woman eat sushi while she painted!!

Getting close to the end

I wasn’t too sure about the painting at first. I always get a little nervous at the beginning or middle of a project, but by the end I think it turned out decent.

My finished painting – The Sunse

This finished painting now hangs in my office at work to bring a little color to an otherwise drab financial environment. It reminds me how vacations beckon from the future, spurring me back to my editing table.

Most paintings take about two hours to complete, but they also have more intricate designs which take about three hours to complete. The longer ones are usually scheduled on the weekends.


After the main activity, we even had a little fun with some paintings you could “pose” with. There’s the Mona Stephanie, Batwoman Lauren and Captain American Author!


Batwoman Lauren
Mona Stephanie










Captain American Author

If you’ve been and have a painting to share, please share it in the comments. I’d love to see them all!!!

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