Eighth Annual Dialogue Only Contest by Bartleby Snopes

In just over a week, I’ll be entering a submission into the Bartleby Snopes 8th Annual Dialogue Only Contest. I’m fairly exited about it as it was quite the challenge to write something solely using dialogue with no narrative and without even using tag lines (such as he said, she said, etc.). It’s also the first major contest I’ll have entered my work in since I was a teenager.

I wanted to share with all my writer friends and colleagues this wonderful contest opportunity from Bartleby Snopes. This is the eighth year they have had this contest and submission opens June 1st 2016.

The rules are basically simple. It’s a short story of 2000 words or less that is composed only of dialogue. I highly recommend checking out winners from the previous years prior to entering.
$10 submission fee, but I believe it to be completely reasonable.

You can find out more about this contest from their website:

Update: Finally submitted my entry. Sometimes being a perfectionist has it’s down side.

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