Statues of the U.S. – part 1

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There’s a lot of talk in the news today about statues; which ones should stay versus which ones should be removed from public view. While I have my own opinions on the tearing down of these statues, I thought the situation provided the perfect opportunity to showcase a variety of statues scattered around the United States. This will be a five part series in which I will showcase one statue per State in groups of ten. I hope you enjoy this little tour of these delightful monuments. Being me, I’ll do this in alphabetical order beginning with Alabama. The statue […]

Girl’s Night Out and Painting with a Twist

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Girl’s Night Out and Painting with a Twist   Life can be stressful. Balancing work, family, writing and maintaining friendships can make anyone long for time to relax. Since my free time is somewhat limited, I try to combine activities whenever possible. I hadn’t really had a girl’s night in about six months, so I was looking for something creative and fun that would appeal to my girlfriends and give me a creative outlet that was a break from all the editing I’ve been doing  on my sequel, A Deadly Lesson, the last couple of months. First thing we had […]

Spiderman – movie review

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When my husband originally told me they were coming out with a new Spiderman movie, my reaction was to groan and say… you can see that one without me dear. I was Spiderman’d out. I couldn’t imagine they could come up with anything remotely worth the price of a movie ticket. Then I saw Captain America – Civil War and I hate to say it… but Spiderman stole the show. Tom Holland brought a new and light-hearted approach to the role I just couldn’t resist. He embraced the campy good-natured feel Marvel has been cultivating and was a perfect fit. […]

Passions and Time

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I have many passions but sadly, like everyone else, I only have 24 hours in a day. What this means is I have to make choices every day about how I spend what little down time I have. When I added writing novels to my long list of passions, I never realized just how much time it would require. I’m sure any writer will tell you the joys and pains of writing the actual story. Turning a paragraph into a page, pages into chapters and the chapters into a full length novel is no easy task. Add to that the […]

Author Confession – Day 2

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  Author Confession – Day 2: What is your biggest writing challenge? Currently, I’d say my biggest challenge in writing is finding the time and space to write uninterrupted. With a full time job, trying to keep up with marketing for my first book and making time to interact with readers, there’s barely enough time to spend with my family, much less write. I do my best to write at lunch each day and try to set aside 2-3 hours in the evenings per week. Probably the bulk of my editing is saved for the weekends. I can take a […]

Author Confessions – Day 1

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I was nominated by G.L. Dearman to take up this author challenge.   Day 1: Who is your favorite character in you WIP (work in progress)? My current WIP is the sequel to my cozy mystery, Remembering Lauren. This latest installment in the series follows the younger sibling of Eric as she navigates leaving home, beginning college life, mixed in with being stalked by a serial killer. Once again the story is told through more than one main character’s point of view, giving depth to this much grittier thriller. My favorite character is Kaitlyn. Since I have a teenager of […]

The Pros and Cons (and Stigma) of Self-Publishing

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By Jennifer-Crystal Johnson Misha Jordan Guest Blog Post, February 6, 2017 If you’re an author, you’ve probably researched all sorts of different publishing options, some of which are iffier than others. Vanity publishing, for example, is when an author agrees to pay out thousands of dollars for services, but still has to sign a contract giving up 75% to 90% of their own royalties. Double payment to the publisher? Ouch! Then what are you supposed to get for all of your hard work writing, researching, fighting writer’s block, revising a million times, and submitting a polished manuscript? (You can probably […]

Regressions – Book Review

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Dr. Constance Avery, a middle-aged, workaholic psychologist thriving in Beverly Hills is asked by her partners to stop using what some would call an unconventional treatment – regression therapy. She chooses the alternative to leave the comfort of their successful practice. Little does she know the day she started her own practice and continues using regression therapy as part of her patients’ treatment, her life would take a dramatic change. A chance meeting with Lauren, a waitress at a local deli suffering from panic attacks, leads the two women on a journey leaving no ability return to life as they […]

Advantages of a Standing Desk

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I have back problems. I’ve had them for a good number of years, due in part by some rough and tumble years in my teens and twenties when I thought I was invincible. Now that I’m older, I find that my back goes out a few times of year which brings my life to a crashing halt for a few days to a week. Until this past year, when recovery time took multiple trips to the doctor, three weeks of physical therapy and treatments and a strong suggestion that I stop sitting so much during the day. Stop sitting so […]

Seekers – A Book Review

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Title: Seekers – The Quest Begins Author: Erin Hunter Genre: Young Adult/ Middle Grade Occasionally, I enjoy reading Young Adult books. There’s a purity or maybe a simplicity to them, I don’t always get in adult fiction. Seekers – The Quest Begins is the 1st in a three part series, recommended to me by a friend. It is a story about three bear cubs who, for different reasons, find themselves alone in the big world, trying to survive. One is a young female polar bear named Kallik; one a young male grizzly cub named Toklo; and a female black bear […]