Author Confessions – Day 1

I was nominated by G.L. Dearman to take up this author challenge.


Day 1: Who is your favorite character in you WIP (work in progress)?

My current WIP is the sequel to my cozy mystery, Remembering Lauren. This latest installment in the series follows the younger sibling of Eric as she navigates leaving home, beginning college life, mixed in with being stalked by a serial killer.

Once again the story is told through more than one main character’s point of view, giving depth to this much grittier thriller. My favorite character is Kaitlyn. Since I have a teenager of my own currently shopping around for colleges, I was able to put a lot of emotion into her inner conflict of wanting the safety and familiarity of home while also wanting to spread her wings and have an adventure completely separate from her family.

Kaitlyn really has to grow as a person in this story. She has to deal with a roommate who is her polar opposite, threatening notes, a new job in a new city, college life…And did I mention the serial killer who just happens to be targeting freshman girls who fit her description?

Kaitlyn’s my favorite because I see so much of my daughter in her fierce independence, but I can also see she’s not quite ready for how harsh and unforgiving the world at large can be.

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