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Always learning – A Course in Writing


I’m always interested in learning new things. I spend way too much time on Pinterest, not only to get story and setting ideas, but also to help me organize my life and learn new things. The one thing I regret most about my childhood is that we didn’t have access to the internet to have learning at our fingertips. There were no smart phones, or Facebook groups to browse. We had libraries. We looked things up the old fashioned way and I was grateful to have that.

I didn’t even get my first computer until I was out of college and working on my own. An ex-boyfriend had upgraded his and I got his older, out-dated model. It was better than a diamond ring to me. I later handed it down to my mom, though I don’t think it’s usable anymore. I now have a bright, shiny, tiny little laptop that fits in my bag and weighs less than a pound. It’s everything I need. When I connect I have access to all the information I could ever want and then some. I still have my library card and use it often, but that’s a subject for another day.

About three months ago I came across a Novel Writing course that looked interesting. It was marketed for Beginner and Intermediate level writers and I almost overlooked it, but it mentioned it not only took you through writing a complete novel, but also the marketing steps afterwards. Marketing is not a strong suit of mine. Looking at it further is also mentioned a critique of work at the end. Who couldn’t use a professional critique to keep you sharp? I got it at a discount and set up my account and login.

Then, my beta readers finished with my first novel and the last of the revisions/fine-tuning had to be done to get Remembering Lauren ready for publication, so in the three months that followed, I completely forgot about it. Until today. Today I was looking for new things I could do to promote my Kindle Scout campaign, when I realized the best thing I could do was start writing book #2. I already had my outline, so why not get started. I certainly didn’t want to be one of those authors who tweeted and Facebooked everyone six times a day, shouting “Vote for my Book!!” After all, one of the things I liked most about the Kindle Scout program, was that you could only nominate a book once. I thought it was a better representation of how a book would be received by the public.

So today I’m working on Lesson #1 of this course. I encourage every writer to hone their craft when possible. At the end of the course I’ll write a review of it and if I think it was worth the money I paid, I’ll add it to my Writer’s Resources page.

And maybe later I’ll tweet something.

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